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Since its formation in June 2006, Jack Tyrrell and Company, Inc. has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted full-service real estate brokerage and rental property management firms on the island. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and finding you the perfect home or investment in the breathtaking state of Hawai'i sets us apart. Specializing in Honolulu luxury condos in the coveted Ward Village and East Kaka`ako, our expertise extends all across the island. 

With over $700 million in sales handled in Honolulu over the last 13 years, including over $200 million in Ward Village sales alone, and a proven track record of managing over 50 rental units, we bring a wealth of experience in the industry.


Why choose Jack Tyrrell & Company as your foremost real estate partner?

Superior Service

  • We expertly handle all aspects of property management, from marketing to tenant screening to maintenance, so you don't have to worry!

  • Count on us! We pride ourselves on our exceptional communication.

Ward Village Lifestyle Experts

  • We embody the Ward Village lifestyle. Our team includes residents and investors in the award-winning community.

  • We help you get to know the neighborhood and unlock the lifestyle you desire!

Exclusive Network

  • Honolulu’s top leaders and professionals entrust us with their real estate needs. 

  • Through our connections, we bring you unparalleled opportunities.


Welcome to our comprehensive range of real estate services designed to meet the diverse needs of property owners, investors, and tenants. At Jack Tyrrell & Company, Inc., we understand that each real estate journey is unique, and our mission is to provide you with the expertise and support required to make your experience successful and stress-free.

Property Management

  • Residential properties 

  • Condominiums and HOAs

  • Tenant screening 

  • Lease management 

  • Maintenance coordination 

  • Rent collection 

  • Budgeting and forecasting 

  • Financial reporting



  • Routine upkeep 

  • Repairs and renovations 

  • Emergency response 



  • Quality Furniture Rental

  • Turnkey package with one-time fee


Hon P., Flushing, New York

May Tyrrell has been my property manager for over 3 years.  She treats and takes care of my like her family, especially in the toughest time of my life.  I trust her wholeheartedly with her expertise in Real Estate and she offers to help whenever I need extra help.  Her agents are all highly experienced professionals and very caring like her as well.  I am so lucky to have May Tyrrell as my property manager and as my friend.  I strongly recommend Jack Tyrrell and Company, Inc. as your Real Estate Agent and Property Manager.


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